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Lee Ranaldo


Musician and artist Lee M. Ranaldo is considered as establishing and leading personality of the genre of noise rock. Ranaldo, known as member of Sonic Youth band, was voted by the readers of Rolling Stone magazine as 33-th best guitar player of all time. However his character exceeds the limits of the usual guitar hero...

Pat Mastelotto, David Kollar and Paolo Rainieri Present KOMARA - Boundary-Breaking, Cinematic Industrial Ethno-Rock


KoMaRa’s self-titled debut album is based on a dark, deviant and explicit detective story. It reflects the mysterious circumstances of an abduction and the ultimate demise of the abductee. It’s a NSFW, Rated-R release designed for the open-minded and brave. Unnerving, haunting artwork by Tool’s Adam Jones further underlines the album’s provocative vibe.

Rory Gallagher * The Irish Toreador Lasted Till The End


„…the Irish guy playing, his speed and skills were frightening.“ Yes, this is how in an interview for the press media the black magician of the electric guitar Jimi Hendrix expressed himself on the dress of a lovely Irish lad who in no time had to be ranked into the gallery of the greatest.


Splitski Festival * In Search of Adria Sound


Croatian Festival of Popular Music Split is a massive music project which requires about 300 000 Euros per year, so logically there are some people who are asking if the money provided really brings wanted results. But, even though there are many complaints that the Festival is losing its musical identity...

Empire Overdrive Pedal by Big Joe Stompbox Company

Big Joe Stomp Box Company, in collaboration with Paul “TFO” Allen, presents their dual-preamp Empire overdrive pedal, complete with an adjustable buffer/line driver, unique Sponge/Firm modes, and innovative body and attack parameters.

Guthrie Govan Charvel Signature

Goothrie Govan Charvel

As a preeminent modern virtuoso, U.K. guitar master Guthrie Govan dazzles all who hear him. After two years in meticulous development working closely with the man himself, Charvel is profoundly pleased to introduce the ultimate ultra-pro guitar—the Guthrie Govan Signature model. With so many special features and high-performance appointments, it’s truly the ideal expression of Govan’s artistry rendered in distinctive Charvel form.