LADISLAV PAZDERA * Most important is the imagination (interview)

The solo debut and artistic calling card of the young musician is the album "Chiaroscuro", which was released this year by the Swiss label Unit Records.

Marco Mendoza and his message from the Incas


The stellar bass guitarist, who has also visited Slovakia in November, shared his feelings about the writing of his latest album, the review of which you can read on another platform of our magazine.

DEAN BROWN & DBIII * People would spend as much time seeing live music as they do on line (Interview)


We are looking forward for that special concert in Brezno powered by Dean's outstanding fellows Dennis Chambers on drums and Will Lee on bass and vocals.

Ron Carter: At 80, the Legendary Bass Player Is Still Astounding Audiences


In 1990, the American bassist Ron Carter and the French accordionist Richard Galliano recorded an album of jazzy duets entitled Panamanhattan.

John Helliwell: It's the passion of the musicians that drives it all! (interview)

In the period of Supertramp’s biggest fame (70-80ties) the band was selling out stadiums, millions of albums. For sure, times have changed since then.

JUAN GARCÍA-HERREROS * Snow Owl As A Symbol of Cultural Unity


Juan García-Herreros, also known by his stage name "Snow Owl", is a GRAMMY nominated Colombian born world-renowned electric bassist.

JOHNNY WINTER * I'm a bluesman and will play till I die

When leaving the stage, Johnny and the band members received decent applause, which they definitely deserved.

Lee Ranaldo


Musician and artist Lee M. Ranaldo is considered as establishing and leading personality of the genre of noise rock. Ranaldo, known as member of Sonic Youth band, was voted by the readers of Rolling Stone magazine as 33-th best guitar player of all time. However his character exceeds the limits of the usual guitar hero...